Thursday, 10 May 2018

Top Trending: Say Yes! To Email Marketing

  • Are you a business owner?
  • Have you owned your website?
  • Want to reserve top Google position?
Ask yourself. If, the answer to all the above is affirmative, then say yes to email marketing. A co-element of SEO and child of digital marketing, Email marketing is all about grabbing the attention of potential as well as targeted audience via emails. It’s the best method to realize the people how you care for them.
This service of digital marketing has a broader scope. Besides sending offers and discounts from time to time, you can also greet them on various occasions and events.

Let’s discuss the relevance of e-marketing for a business:

Get Social: All most all the people know that Google like those websites which have quality content, better links, strong SEO and other allied factors. But, you get shocked to know that Google also like those websites which have a social presence also. So, get socialized with the audience and build a secure connection with them that your competitor cannot take the lead over you.

High Conversion Rate: High conversion rate is a positive sign of the growth of the website. One of the best ways to boost up this rate is email marketing. Get track record of the visitors who sometimes visit your site even for few seconds. Then start forwarding personalized emails to them showing your product collection, giving then lucky customer hampers, etc.

Lower Bounce Rate: If the conversion rate of a website is lower than the bounce rate, then it’s better to shut down your site. Don’t want to do that? Then opt for this marketing strategy. When a visitor visits your site and found nothing exciting or fascinating about that, he leaves the site. It’s a real fact that if a person goes the site because he does not see any stuff in it, then it’s hard him to return on that same site. To protect your site from that harm, start e-marketing now.

Newsletter and Other Attractive Stuff: With the help of this marketing technique, one can create a business newsletter and send it some customers just in a single click. Newsletters or templates showing new and exotic collection can fascinate the users, and they become a force to come on the site. Design newsletter with exciting offers that are beneficial for the customer.

Ask for the Reviews: Adopting marketing strategies is of no use unless you follow some criteria to collect the reviews of the persons. Email marketing is one of the ways with which you can obtain the information about what people fell for the product. You can attach feedback forms along with the newsletters or templates. Getting reviews will also boost your marketing methods towards the area where customer attract the more.

Segmentation: The best feature of this marketing tool is that one can forward personalize mail as per the various segments or group of people. Different people have different interests. What would be better than this if you get a chance to mail those products in which a particular customer is interested? 


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Top Trending: Say Yes! To Email Marketing

Are you a business owner? Have you owned your website? Want to reserve top Google position? Ask yourself. If, the answer to all the ab...